Weekly Collection Envelopes for 2019

The area distributers will be delivering your boxes of weekly envelopes for 2019 over the coming week.

You will notice that your envelope number has changed this year, this was to facilitate better administration of the envelopes. Over the years many people had moved in and moved out and this meant that areas ended up with a mix of numbers which made it difficult to organise them for delivery etc.

  • In the process of updating the numbers some names may have been accidentaly ommitted
    • Should you not receive your box of envelopes by December 2nd please let us know.
  • The Sunday collection goes to the general upkeep and maintenance of the Churches and the general running of the Parish and programmes in the parish.
    • The Priests DO NOT receive their salary from the weekly collection, this is paid through the Christmas, Easter, Pentecost & Harvest Special Collections.
  • Supporting the Parish through the envelope system provided benefits to the Parish,
    • Should you go to Mass in a neighbouring church your envelope will be returned to us,
    • Should your total contribution in the year exceed €250. and you are in taxable employment you can sign a tax rebate form and under the charities act the parish can receive 30% of your total paid from the tax man at no cost to you.

On behalf of the Parish Finance Committee & Parish Pastoral Council I would like to thank you for your ongoing support of the parish.

Fr. John

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