Ways to stream Mass through the internet

Click to see mass live

Click to see mass live

We have begun streaming mass through the internet from Ss. Peter & Paul’s Church.

You can stream to any internet connected computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone or TV anywhere in the world.

No matter what device you are using you can set up a quick link on the home page that will bring you directly to the streaming page.

I hope you find this of some help and not too confusing.    Fr. John

internet-world1/ Computer / Laptop / Smartphone / Smart TV

Open your web browser and type http://www.sspeterandpaulsparishathlone.com/ this will bring you to the parish website home page, on the right side of the screen on a PC / Laptop, or scroll down on the smart phone version,  you will see the link for “Watch Mass Live”


cyclone_android2/ Tv Streaming Boxes  THIS IS MY RECOMMENDATION if you want to use your TV

Both Apple and Android have tv streaming boxes which turn your tv into smart TV, they are controled by a remote control and can be used to watch any internet based tv through apps or for streaming from the internet. If you were to choose this option i would recommend purchasing a wireless Keyboard & Mouse which will make the experience a lot easier. I checked Ganly’s today and Apple Tv starts from €79 and Android Box from €100 for a decent one, Wireless Keyboard / Mouse prices vary from €25 upwards.

smart-tv3/ Smart TV

Different Tv’s offer different web browsers, I do not recommend purchasing a smart TV to stream mass unless you can test it in the shop first to ensure it has Flash Player installed as many models do not support flash player. (Sounds a bit confusing but the guys in the shops will understand)

hdmi-types4/ Connecting a laptop to your TV

If you have a HDMI port on your laptop and your TV you can connect directly to yout tv and stream through your laptop. HDMI cables are about €15.

5/ NB; You CAN NOT stream this service through Chrome Cast.

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