Newsletter October 7th 2018 (Day for Life)

A thought on todays Gospel

¨ We know from experience that that not all marriages reflect the ideal Jesus sets up in today’s gospel. Many of us will have relatives whose marriages have not lasted.

¨ The gospels are clear that although Jesus has a vision for human relationships, including within marriage, he did not condemn those who feel short of that vision.

¨ All of us, married or single, are called to love one another as the Lord has loved us, and we all fail in our response to that call. It is in those moments of weakness and failure that the second part of today’s gospel has most to say to us, ‘anyone who does not welcome the kingdom of God like a little child will not enter it.’

¨ We stand before the Lord with a child-like heart, in our weakness and  vulnerability, open and receptive to the great gift of the Lord’s love that is given to us unconditionally. It is that gift which empowers us to keep reaching towards the goal, the ideal, the Jesus puts before us all.

October 7th 2018


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