Newsletter October 20th 2019 (Mission Sunday)

Mission Sunday! Disciples of the Divine Master

A Way of Life and Following of Jesus! In the early hours, when we begin our morning prayer in the Chapel of Adoration, we are not the first to arrive. All night, faithful lovers and adorers of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament have been taking turns for one hour and interceding for the world. We were founded in 1924 in Italy by Blessed James Alberione and are part of the Pauline Family. This is a family of priests, religious and lay people whose mission is: ‘to give Jesus Master to the world’. We are consecrated women, present in 30 countries, from Japan to Argentina, from New Zealand to India, from the Ukraine to Taiwan, reaching from East to West, North to South.  We came to Ireland in 1963 and began in Ballykeeran. We also have a community in Dublin.

Perpetual Adoration, prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, day and night has been     faithfully continued for the last 30 years here in Athlone. Our lifestyle is centred on three vital aspects of the Church’s life, Eucharist, Liturgical and service to Priests. We seek to live values of faith, listening, hospitality, joy, intimacy, openness to God and others. We also give a witness to the intercultural living – “It’s possible for all nations to live together in peace!”  Would you like to be an Adorer?

Would you like to join us in our Mission? If you would like to spend some time with Jesus on an ongoing basis, do not hesitate to call Sr Kathryn pddm 087 3170964

20th October


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