Newsletter October 14th 2018

If we approach the Lord, if we seek to enter into a personal relationship with him, he will give us our calling too. His particular call to us may not be what the man in the gospel received. However there will be a similarity too. It will always be a call to give ourselves more fully to the Lord’s way, letting go of whatever is holding us back from living according to the values of the gospel that Jesus proclaimed and lived. His call to us will be to do whatever we need to do in order to walk in his way more wholeheartedly. There will be moments when we hear that call very strongly — perhaps when we are least expecting it. If the particular call the Lord makes on us seems daunting, we can find reassurance in his words to his disciples, that ‘everything is possible for God.’ What we cannot do on our own, we can do with the Lord’s help. The Lord’s grace at work within us gives us power to live as he wants us to live.

October 14th 2018

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