Newsletter November 6th 2016

you_are_in_my_thoughts_and_prayers__xlargeREFLECTION – IN TRANSIT

When you hear the words “in transit”, you might think of those long or short waits at foreign or familiar airports; that space of time when, as a passenger (a passer-by), we are in passing. In fact, if we look closely at our lives, we might notice that much of our time is spent in transit.

When I look at the times that I have been in transit, I would define them as not really being anywhere at all – being somewhere in the middle, being in the state of waiting for something or someone. Something transitory is generally something fleeting; but for many travellers, being in transit can sometimes seem to take a very long time.

Jesus often reminds his disciples that we are always in transit. We are on a journey and our final destination is to be with him. His view of this journey is slightly different from the view that we have; and he invites us to share in it.

In today’s gospel, when he gives the Sadducees a glimpse of his view, Jesus reminds us that the lifestyle we lead now, and the relationships we have now, will be lived very differently when we get there. Let us pray that while we are in transit, we will make the most of the journey and make him our companion, (Kathryn Williams pddm)

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