Newsletter November 20th 2016

christ-the-kingBefore my father died, our family his loves of golf and garden. Memo-ries sprung up and in the sharing they sprang to life again. There was grace and healing in being able to speak lovingly with Dad then. Re-membering softened the sadness of parting.
Our capacity to remember is what identifies us as Catholics for it brings us together in the greatest celebration of all. We celeb rate the Eucharist each Sunday simply because we are respecting a final request of Jesus. He too wants to be
Another one who asks to be remembered is the criminal whose final request was granted in the most Catholic way possible. He was actually made venerable, beatified and canonised on the same day. He shows us that to get to know such a King is a very simple thing indeed.
And today, I also remember each of you as I write my final column. I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you. I hope that each of you who read this final column might offer a short prayer for the writer. If so, I will be greatly blessed. I pray for you too. May you come closer to Jesus our Universal King and know his love for you. (Kathryn Williams pddm)


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