Newsletter November 13th 2016

REFLECTION – Building a Future

33rd-sunday-ordinary-time-hymn-suggestionsWhenever we desire to build something new, it is good to notice how a sense of excitement takes root in our hearts. We imagine new possibilities ahead and dream of doing new things. Building something new is also a time of learning, for upon completion, we might say to ourselves, “If I did it again, I would do if differently!” And then, when I read today’s gospel, with Jesus reminding us of the end of all things, I thought of the times I have set out to build or create something and just how much I wanted to get it right the first time….And yet I know that when a project is completed I will notice flaws and mistakes that are not quite right nor quite how I wanted it all to be. So, what has this to do with a Gospel where Jesus speaks frankly about a future with a script that would make a good thriller movie? Maybe he is reminding us that in our discipleship, we can continue to build and dream of something better. As his disciples, we can even take such steps that it will not be built without us. Along the way, the mistakes and flaws are actually part of the building process. And furthermore, we have the assurance from Jesus that no matter what happens, he can be trusted.
(Kathryn Williams pddm)


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