Newsletter May 16th 2021 (Feast of the Ascension)

A thought on todays first reading

Our Lord Jesus said to the apostles that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon them; and asked them to wait for the Holy Spirit before starting their work. Why did He ask them to wait for the Holy Spirit and not start      before receiving the Holy Spirit? Jesus knew that the apostles would be able to do mighty works only when they receive the Holy Spirit.

The same principle works today – We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit for us to fulfil the purpose in our life.

We may not receive the Holy Spirit in tongues of fire like the apostles. But we can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit through the small still voice speaking from inside our heart. We need to wait for God in prayer, before taking any       decision or providing any suggestion to others.

The Holy Spirit is our best counsellor.


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