Newsletter March 22nd 2020 (Mothers Day)

As todays Gospel story unfolds, the man’s eyes were fully opened, including the eyes of his mind. Jesus was intent on healing the whole person, body and soul. When the man in today’s gospel knew how fully he was healed, he fell on his knees, full of worship and joy.

  • Could we too share in his gift of healing? The greatest good we can do for other   people is not given with money, though that has its proper place, but by helping them count their blessings and revealing their own value to them. It is good to help others feel affirmed, loved and appreciated. Many people are burdened with a poor self-image, and they may not see the good in themselves. That is a form of blindness in others that any of us can help to heal. The most certain proof that Christ lives in us is our willingness and ability to affirm and bring a blessing to other people.
March 22nd


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