Newsletter June 30th 2019

The Cost of Discipleship

A deep commitment and loyalty to Jesus is proposed in today’s Gospel. We might relate it to decisions that crop up in our own experience. Few really important decisions are made without some hankerings after the alternatives which were not chosen. Some decisions are made in one single go (e.g. to paint the house); others have to be constantly renewed (e.g. to keep a marriage thriving; to care  for our friends.) Our decision to be active Christians is never totally definitive, and needs constant reaffirmation. Today’s Holy Scripture gives some examples of radical choice of vocation, like Elisha slaughtering his oxen before leaving home to be a prophet. Can we fully follow the Holy Spirit, to be totally free for God’s service?

Some points from the readings:

(1) Personal commitment to Jesus, putting him first in our life. Making his values part of our lifestyle. It’s mistaken to imagine all pleasure as connected with sin. The nobility of Jesus’ values gives real joy. Following him requires a decision, but is supremely worthwhile.

(2) “Through love become servants to one another.” This is living with the true freedom for which Christ has set us free.

(3) Persevering with Jesus; keeping our hands firmly on the plough, and not looking back. To do so we need to be “led by the Spirit.” Luke is so aware of the gift of the Spirit that he feels enabled, in his gospel, to underline so often the cost of discipleship.

June 30th
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