Make someone smile today

Be the reason somebody smiles today!

Many of us are frustrated and mabey even a little lost as to what is really going on after the latest announcements from the Government last night.
While we might agree or disagree with what is being done we must never loose sight of the reality that whether the decisions are the right ones or the wrong ones they are being made in good faith for the greater good.

Covid-19 continues to challenge every part of our society, it challenges each one of us individually as well.

We must remember that we are all in this together, we must understand the only way to protect life and to keep the vulnerable safe is to accept that in the short term we must all compromise for the greater good.
What we are still in control of is how we live our lives, how we can continue to be a support to those who are weighed down by the pandemic.

Today rather that criticise the decisions of yesterday we might decide to contact someone living alone, someone we know that is vulnerable or frightened at this time. Mabey a short call to an elderly or house bound person to tell them you have said a prayer for them, or mabey ask them if they would like to say a short prayer with you on the phone. Give them a reason to smile, to feel wanted and needed.

As a community we have done so well, we have helped our neighbours we have given comfort to the bereaved, thankfully in this area we have kept confirmed case numbers low, we have learned how to stay safe and well.

Let’s continue to stand together, as a community who cares, let us support one another and keep our eye on the ball, a post covid community where we forgot nobody and left nobody behind.

Today let your goal be to make somebody smile, if only for one moment to forget Covid-19 and to feel loved, accepted and important.

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