Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In response to the recent emergence of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) we are introducing a number of small procedural changes to help reduce the possibility of spreading the virus.

  • Door handles in churches will be frequently disinfected.
  • Hand sanitisers are available at the doors of the churches.
  • A bin has been placed at the rear of the church for disposal of used tissues.
  • For the time being Holy water has been removed from fonts at doors.
  • The hand shake of peace has been suspended during Masses.
  • Reception of the precious blood from the chalice on Tuesday & Thursday has been suspended.
  • Reception of Holy Communion on the tongue is suspended.
    • All parishioners are asked to receive in the hand.
  • The clergy will not greet the people as they leave the church for the time being.

These are precautionary measures drawn up with the assistance of the HSE to help should the Covid-19 Virus become present in this area.

We are all called to play our part to prevent it’s spread by using a common sense approach.

  • If you need to sneeze of cough and don’t have a tissue do so into your elbow.
  • Wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap, or sanitiser.

NB: Should you feel unwell please use common sense and seek a professional diagnosis and refrain from going to church or places where lots of people gather.

COVID-19 Public Offices


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