Christ be our light in these difficult days.

I know there is a lot of worry and concern about the continuing deterioration due to the virus. It is easy for people to feel down and even trapped. Fear can paralyse us. I will continue to pray for you and offer mass that God will free us from fear and rid us of this virus. May those who are tasked with the health and governance of our country, make wise and prudent decisions, so that we may all enjoy again the company of family and friends. May we be able to gather as a Christian community to worship and care for one another.

Take heart today from the words of the prophet Isaiah.

Strengthen all weary hands,steady all trembling knees and say to all faint hearts,‘Courage! Do not be afraid.‘Look, your God is coming


“Christ be our light” in our moments of darkness light up our minds with your love and guide us on the road to inner peace.

Fr. John

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